Our Micro Wind Turbines

Not much point having a wind turbine tower without the wind turbine and we can help there. The turbines we sell are the ones we actually use on the farm for our various battery systems.

Turbine Name: TESUP Master940 (European Made)

Rated Output: 940 Watts

Voltage: 12V, 24V or 48V

This is our pick of the bunch. The Master940 is a top quality 940 Watt rated turbine that is perfectly sized for 12V, 24V or 48V battery systems. It provides the best size versus output of any turbine we have tried. Quality is extremely good and is backed by a five year manufacturers warranty. It has all of the features you could ask for including:

  1. Designed for more power demanding applications (recommended battery bank size greater than 200ah).
  2. Large sweep diameter (1600 mm turbine blades).
  3. Led light underneath the wind turbine body which is ideal for marine applications at night.
  4. Single piece cast aluminum body.
  5. Turbine blades have been optimised for quiet operation.
  6. Injection molded glass-fibre reinforced plastic blades, 3rd generation.
  7. Swept style wind turbine blades (new for small wind turbines), this provides a greater sweep area.
  8. Very low startup wind speeds 3 m/s.
  9. Double bearing nacelle that provides greater life and less vibration.
  10. Quality Inox stainless steel bearings.
  11. Optimised extended tail shape that reduces turbine "hunting" in gusty wind conditions.
  12. Advanced three cable slip ring design as used in the aircraft industry.
  13. Charge controller include manual braking system that transfers load to the resistors rather than the turbine stator.
  14. Charge controller`s max. charging voltage is adjustable via potentiometer.

This turbine is available for individual purchase from our online store here. We will get some videos of this one in action soon.

Turbine Name: TESUP Dolphin200 (European Made)

Voltage: 12V or 24V

Coming Soon...

Turbine Name: DB-400 (Thailand Made)


Rated Output: 400 Watts

Voltage: 12v

This is a three bladed design and has an included control box that has a run/stop switch and an ampmeter. The control box will be installed in the electrical cabinet if you purchase that accessory, if not you will need to connect the turbine to this control box in a suitable location. This turbine has great low wind speed startup and will start producing power in light to moderate breezes. This is a nice quiet turbine with a great profile. It produces excellent power in the mid to higher end wind speeds so if you live in a windier part of the world this turbine will perform very well. It will max out at about 50kmh winds. We have the DB-400 connected to our outdoor area 100ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Renogy Smart Battery and it works brilliantly.

We do not currently sell this turbine on our store as it can be difficult for us to source and stock. We will however sell them as a complete system as we can get them.

Turbine Name: DB-600 (Thailand Made)


Rated Output: 600 Watts

Voltage: 12V

This is a three bladed design with a unique looking finned tail section. This turbine is a genuine performer in all wind speeds with a fantastic low wind startup and cut in. It has a separate MPPT controller with a start/stop breaker for safety. So many turbines we have trialed overstate their actual rated output however we can confidently say this turbine definitely delivers its rated output. Slighty louder than the DB-400 it is the turbine you want when you just need good output for larger battery banks. This turbine like the others will top out in about 50kmh winds. We have this turbine connected to our shearing shed battery bank of 3 x 280ah AGM batteries (parallel) in conjunction with 3 x 275 Watt solar panels.

We do not currently sell this turbine on our store as it can be difficult for us to source and stock. We will however sell them as a complete system as we can get them.