Chudleigh - Meander Valley

Mannerfarm is just a short walk from the centre of Chudleigh. Sneeze and you might miss it. Situated on Mole Creek Rd Chudleigh is approximately fifteen minutes drive from Deloraine as you head towards the world famous Mole Creek Pub. With incredible views of the Western Tiers it is a green and lush farming area with a rich history.

Mannerfarm became Mannerfarm when we purchased the property in 2008 and moved from Albany Western Australia. The property has a real history much of it buried just under the first foot of soil. It was a dairy farming property and still has two old dairies, shearing shed and very old shearers quarters. The house we live in dates back to approximately 1836 and has been built, rebuilt and renovated countless times during its life. Currently it is well cared for and hosts a hybrid power system with batteries and a multitude of solar panels and wind turbines (of course). The house is so old we have found what is known as convict bricks by the wheel barrow load which we have preserved and built into our cabin and BBQ area.

Dig anywhere on the property and you will inevitably heave up parts of old tractors, fences and an interesting array of tools (some of which we use). The property has an amazing view of the Western Tiers and backs onto Wesley Dale which is an old and large active farming property. One day we hope to share this with people by opening a small tourist cabin on the northern side of the property.

We farm goats (Boer) and chickens as a side business to supplement our income. Over the years we have been here we have developed parts of the property with self-sufficiency in mind and hence the introduction of battery storage with solar and wind. Farming energy is just as important as farming food and they do go hand in hand very well. One thing owning a property like this teaches you is to use the resources available to you and use those resources in new and inventive ways. It helps to develop skills you thought you could never have or do things you would think you are not capable of doing. We can definitively say if we can do it you can to so get out there and stop making excuses!